Car Hacks that will Blow your Mind!


Clear the Snow from Your Windshield

If you live in a snowy area, you’ve probably had the experience of having to clear snow and ice off your car in the morning. An efficient technique is to drape a fabric, such as a blanket, across the windshield the night before a snowfall is forecast. When you roll up the blanket in the morning, your windshield will be clear of snow.

Tuck the cloth into your side windows to make it even more convenient. When removing the cover, however, avoid using rough or abrasive objects that could mar your car’s paint. A specially constructed car cover for this purpose can also be a good option.

Defog like a Pro

When the windows of your car fog up, the conventional answer is to turn up the heat and push the defog button, then wait for the fog to clear. There is, however, a more effective approach to defog your windows:

Turn the heating all the way up: This helps to remove moisture from the air inside the car.

Turn on your car’s air conditioning: It may sound paradoxical, but the air conditioner dehumidifies the air inside, lowering moisture content.

Turn off air recirculation: This permits chilly outside air inside the vehicle while the heating is on.

Open your windows slightly: This allows additional cool air into the cabin, which helps to remove moisture.

Following these steps allows you to dry the incoming air while the heater efficiently defogs the windshield and windows, resulting in faster clarity.

Cool Down Your Vehicle

Getting into a heated car can be uncomfortable in hot weather. Here’s an easy technique to relieve the heat:

Start with one window, such as the driver’s side window.

Proceed to the opposite side: the front passenger side.

Open and close the door five times: Opening and closing the door repeatedly drives hot air out of the car through the open window.

This approach efficiently expels heated air, rapidly cooling the interior of your vehicle.

Phone Holder for the Ghetto

You can improvise with a rubber band or a hair tie if you need to use your phone as a navigation system but don’t have a phone mount in your car:

Loop the rubber band or hair tie through the vents of your car to securely hold your phone in place.

Position it such that it does not obscure the display: Make sure your phone is visible for navigation instructions while not blocking your view of the road.

This ingenious and improvised method allows you to use your phone for navigation safely without the need for an expensive phone mount.

Use Your Brain

If you’ve walked away from your car but can’t remember if you locked it, or if you’re too far away to reach your car with the remote, this hack can help:

Under your chin, place the remote key fob.

You should open your mouth.

You’re effectively using your skull as a satellite dish, extending the range of the transmission. It’s not harmful, and it’s a unique yet effective trick.

These automobile hacks not only demonstrate the creativity and resourcefulness of car enthusiasts but also underscore the notion that when it comes to our vehicles, there’s always room for improvement and efficiency. These practical, cost-effective solutions offer a refreshing perspective on car ownership, proving that you don’t always need high-tech gadgets or expensive accessories to enhance your driving experience.

As the automotive world continues to evolve, it’s heartening to see that the spirit of innovation and problem-solving is alive and well among drivers everywhere. Whether you’re battling foggy windows on a chilly morning, dealing with the aftermath of a winter snowfall, or simply trying to beat the heat on a scorching summer day, these hacks provide simple yet ingenious solutions to everyday automotive challenges.

Moreover, these hacks remind us that the automotive community is more than just a collection of vehicles; it’s a network of individuals who share a common passion. The willingness to share knowledge, tips, and tricks with fellow enthusiasts fosters a sense of camaraderie and mutual support that transcends the realm of mere transportation.

So, the next time you find yourself in a situation where your car needs a little extra TLC, remember these hacks. They not only offer practical solutions but also serve as a testament to the unwavering dedication of car enthusiasts to make the driving experience as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible. Embrace the spirit of innovation, and you’ll discover that the world of automotive ownership is full of surprises and ingenious solutions waiting to be uncovered.

December 2023